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To Asahikawa

    ・Tokyo → Asahikawa Airport ANA/JAL 1 hour 40 minutes

    ・Nagoya → Asahikawa Airport ANA 2 hours

    ・Taipei→Asahikawa Airport Direct airway 4 hours

    ・Shanghai→Asahikawa Airport Direct airway 2 hours 40 minutes

    ・Beijing→Asahikawa Airport Direct airway 4 hours

    ・Sapporo → Asahikawa Station JR 1 hour 20 minutes / Car 2 hours

Asahikawa (Train) Station (West Exit) → Art Hotel Asahikawa

 ・Complimentary Shuttle Bus Service / 14:40/15:40/16:40/17:40/18:40/19:40

 ・Taxi 5 minutes / around 600 JPY

    ・Walk 15 minutes

Asahikawa Takasu (旭川鷹栖) IC → Art Hotel Asahikawa
    ・Car 15 minutes

Asahikawa Airport → Art Hotel Asahikawa

    ・Car 30 minutes

    ・Bus 40 mimnutes / Nana Jo Showa Toori Stop (7条昭和通停留所) (Right in front of the property)

Asahikawa Airport → Asahikawa (Train) Station

    ・Limousine Bus 30 minutes

    ・Car 25 minutes